Was the booing of Jerry Krause a turning point in his Chicago Bulls legacy?

Was his booing at the Chicago Bulls‘ recent “ring of honor” ceremony a turning point in Jerry Krause’s legacy with the team he helped win six NBA titles? The world was horrified as his widow watched fans of the storied ball club treat her deceased partner with disrespect, but the incident also cast an intense light on how he came to be seen so negatively.

Namely, as the villain of Michael Jordan’s Netflix documentary “The Last Dance,” which cast the Bulls GM in a negative light at Jordan’s supposed behest. And while it is not clear whether His Airness personally asked for such a frame for his former boss, a generation of fans certainly became accustomed to seeing Krause as the bad guy for doing what ownership asked of him.

The folks behind the “CHGO” YouTube channel put together a clip exploring this unexpected outcome of an embarrassing moment for the team with historian Jack Silverstein.

Check it out above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire