Bojan Bogdanovic next Jazz player to be traded?

Michael Scotto: A lot of executives around the league are expecting Bojan Bogdanovic to be the next guy for the Jazz to get moved. They (rival executives) are keeping tabs on guys like Jordan Clarkson and Malik Beasley, but Bogdanovic is the next domino that most people think is going to fall for Utah.
Source: Michael Scotto @ HoopsHype

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The Lakers discussed a four-team trade with Utah, New York and Charlotte ahead of the Donovan-Mitchell-to-Cleveland trade, according to league sources. One preliminary iteration of a four-team deal would have had Bojan Bogdanović and Terry Rozier going back to Los Angeles. -via The Athletic / September 16, 2022

In recent conversations with the Jazz, the Lakers have targeted Bogdanović, Jordan Clarkson and Malik Beasley, according to league sources. The Lakers’ desire to land the Pacers’ Buddy Hield has also been well-chronicled, with the former Kings guard nearly coming their way via trade last summer. The 29-year-old 3-point specialist has been a focal point in the Lakers’ offseason talks with Indiana as well — alongside Myles Turner — but a deal is not expected on that front. -via The Athletic / September 16, 2022

At some point, probably before the February trade deadline, the Heat might need to add a helpful rotation piece instead of clinging to all its first-round draft inventory like a squirrel clenching acorns. Now is not the time to do it, not for Jae Crowder, Myles Turner or Bojan Bogdanovic. But at some point, if we get to January and the Heat looks clearly behind the Celtics and Bucks — and anybody else — it will be time to temporarily ditch the hoarding-picks-for-a-star strategy if there’s the opportunity to trade a first-rounder for a high-quality rotation piece. So yearn if you wish. But the waiting for a star seems more wishful thinking than plausible strategy at this point. If you’re going to yearn, yearn for Kyle Lowry and Victor Oladipo to return to their 2019 All-Star form. That seems more realistic, at this point, than hoping a star tries to force his team to trade him to Miami. -via Miami Herald / September 15, 2022

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