The Boerne 0.5K is the 'race' the world has been waiting for

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The Boerne 0.5K is a “race” that has a smoking section and encourages costumes, and it’s the best thing ever. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)
The Boerne 0.5K is a “race” that has a smoking section and encourages costumes, and it’s the best thing ever. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Have you ever wanted all the fun and benefits of running a 5K while doing just a fraction of the running? Behold, the greatest race of all-time: the Boerne 0.5K. 

Yes, that’s just 0.5K — half a kilometer, or 546 yards. It’s being run (or “run”) in Boerne, Texas, and they’re calling it “the running event for the rest of us.” And looking at the cool things you get by signing up, it really, really is. Every finisher gets a participation medal (of course!), a T-shirt, and “a pretentious oval Euro-style 0.5k sticker.” Ever been stuck in traffic and spent what felt like hours staring at the back of a car plastered with oval stickers with giant numbers on them? This sticker is like those stickers, only infinitely better.

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There’s even more than that! There will be a bagpiper at the starting line playing “Amazing Grace,” which will either set the perfect mood or make everyone run a lot faster once the race begins. There are two brewpubs along the route, and each will have live music playing during the race. At the halfway point, there’s a station with coffee and donuts “for carb-loading and energy,” and there will be a designated smoking section. They’re also giving out awards for the craziest costumes, and even doing finish line photos!

It’s all so amazing. And if running/walking 546 yards is too much, there’s also a VIP option which requires no running or walking at all! Plus, VIPs get bigger participation medals and will be shuttled around in a 1963 VW bus.

It’s all for a good cause — to raise money for a charity called Blessings in a Backpack, which provides food on the weekends for elementary school children who might otherwise go hungry. Unfortunately, the Boerne 0.5K is all full. But if the concept of a 0.5K has made you want to run 1638 feet past several brewpubs while wearing a ridiculous costume, look for one in your community. Or better yet, set one up! You need a lot less space for a 0.5K than a 5K, after all.

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