This bodybuilder who looks exactly like J.Lo will make you do a double-take

Today’s lesson in the treachery of images is brought to you by bodybuilder Janice Garay, . who goes by “Jay From Houston” on Instagram and is, curiously, not really J.Lo. Garay’s resemblance to her celebrity doppelgänger is nothing less than striking — . her dramatic cheekbones and perfect pout could have easily been copied off Lopez’s face and pasted onto her own. However, no matter how incredibly (seriously, incredibly) fit J.Lo might be, it seems Garay has her beat when it comes to tone —. which is not altogether too surprising, considering she competes in figure competitions, where muscle definition is key. The J.Lo lookalike first rose to fame in 2017 when some of her photos were featured on Instagram’s Explore page, she previously told KFSN. It was just normal selfies I had taken in my restroom and people were assuming that I was Jennifer Lopez, commenting ‘Are you J-Lo?'”. Garay’s number of followers on the platform quickly skyrocketed to more than 100,000 after her chance feature — as of April 23, she has more than 241,000. Garay says just being compared to Lopez is a huge win in her (and everyone else’s) book. “She is my idol,” Garay told KFSM. “She’s somebody that I looked up to since I was a little girl. It is flattering”