Bobby Okereke says Giants’ defense is ‘just going to take over’

New York Giants linebacker Bobby Okereke is not short on confidence. He likes what he’s seen from the defense this spring and believes the addition of fellow linebacker Brian Burns may push them over the top.

“He could be a game-changer. He’s an electric athlete, fast, physical, silky when he pass rushes. He can take over games,” Okereke told the New York Post.

There will be a transition from Wink Martindale’s defensive style to Shane Bowen’s defensive style, however. Ultimately, Okereke says, it will be more structured in 2024, allowing the team to play fast.

“Wink was my guy, I loved him. But Shane is an incredible defensive coordinator. He’s very smart, he has a very bright football mind, and I’m glad he’s my defensive coordinator,” he said. “I think we’re going to have a lot more rules, a lot more process of decision-making that’s going to allow us to play fast.”

Once everyone settles into Bowen’s system, Okereke believes they could be one of the top defenses in the league — dominant, even.

“Imposing. Imposing of our will. Imposing of our physical dominance. Yeah, we’re just going to take over,” Okereke said, adding that they could “easily” finish as a top-5 defense.

“The 2024 New York Giants are going to be a tough, gritty, dominant team. We have no false pretenses. No one’s coming in here thinking we’re hot (expletive), we’re going to earn everything we get, and we’re going to work hard every day.”

Regarding Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni mocking the Giants by suggesting he stole their best player (Saquon Barkley), Okereke didn’t quite agree.

“I still see Dexter (Lawrence) and (Andrew Thomas) on the field, so I think we’re good,” he said with a laugh. “(Having Dex) makes my job a lot easier. He takes up two, three blocks at a time, and allows me to just go run and hit.”

Okereke and the Giants’ defense will undoubtedly like to make the Eagles and Sirianni pay this coming season.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire