Thought Tom Izzo was mad? Take a look at Arizona State's Bobby Hurley (Video)

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Tom Izzo was the talk of the 2019 NCAA tournament’s first 24 hours for unloading on Michigan State freshman Aaron Henry. A day later, he might not even be March Madness’ angriest coach.

Arizona State’s Bobby Hurley went off on sophomore forward Romello White at the end of the first half of Friday’s blowout loss to Buffalo:

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White appeared to go back at Hurley – or at least think about doing so, before deciding that probably wasn’t the best idea. Teammate Taeshon Cherry helped him make that wise decision.

It’s unclear what Hurley was angry about. Arizona State got blown out by his former team, which in and of itself might have been enough to incite his rage.

Now comes the part where former athletes defend Hurley and label this “effective coaching” ... when it clearly isn’t.

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