Bob Ryan has nothing but praise for the Boston Celtics; Why don’t fans?

The Boston Celtics have the best record in the 2024 NBA Playoffs to date, yet somehow are still getting little respect from the national media, occasionally the local media, and, quite oddly, even their own fans.

Complaints over the quality of the wins (as if the Celtics could choose their opponent), the way Boston wins, and a lot more too silly to even mention dominate the headlines while the Celtics keep winning. What gives? Boston beat writer emeritus Bob Ryan and former New England Talk radio fixture Gary Tanguay had nothing but praise for Boston on a recent episode of their eponymous CLNS Media podcast. Why can’t the rest of us seem to?

To hear the latest episode of the “Bob Ryan, John Goodman, and Gary Tanguay” podcast and what they had to laud from the Celtics, take a look at the clip embedded below,

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire