Bob Ryan: This is the deepest Boston Celtics team I’ve ever seen

New England sports journalist Bob Ryan has been covering the Boston Celtics since Tommy Heinsohn’s duties at Celtics games were to coach, not call, the contest. As a result, he may have one of the deepest reserves of memories about the team of anyone not on its payroll.

So when the esteemed Celtics journalist emeritus made a point of saying he believes this version of the club he made his bones covering is the deepest he can recall over the course of his long career, we ought to take heed and believe him.

And that is exactly what Ryan did on his semi-eponymous CLNS Media “Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman” podcast, breaking down his thoughts on this version of the team, JJ Redick’s recent comments about Larry Bird, and more.

Take a look at the link embedded above to hear it all.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire