Bo Nix talks Heisman campaign, billboards, and growth under Will Stein

It’s safe to say that Oregon Ducks quarterback Bo Nix has had his name in the news recently. Last week the first billboard went up in New York City with his likeness on it, titled ‘BODACIOUS,’ launching his Heisman campaign for the 2023 season. Earlier this week, another billboard with Nix’s face went up in Dallas.

For a quarterback who has all of the talent in the world, but a notable disdain for talking about his accolades to the media, it’s an interesting subject to traverse. When asked about the billboards after practice on Wedesnday, Nix was quick to divert the conversation to practice and his teammates. When pressed on the subject, he opened up a bit more about what it’s like having his image spread across the nation, but he obviously was eager to get onto football matters, rather than marketing.

Throughout the interview on Wednesday afternoon, Nix touched on his growth under Will Stein in the Ducks’ offense this fall camp, and how excited he is to go up against a defense that isn’t Oregon’s.

Here are some of the best quotes from that press conference:

The Billboards

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Question: What have the past couple of weeks been like for you with the billboards going up in NYC and Dallas?

Nix (laughing): “Fall camp has been great, we’ve had a good time at fall camp. We’ve you know, really connected over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of players step up and fill roles and a lot of vet guys that have been doing it a long time but they’re still all reliable. And, you know, with that comes great things like billboards. It’s great for the the university I think it’s great for the team, and we’re not gonna let it distract us. We’re gonna keep the main thing the main thing and that’s doing our best to win football games.”

The Creative Process

Question: How involved were you in the creative process? Did you have any input?

Nix: “I guess just playing at Oregon, you know. It was way out of my hands. It’s a lot bigger than me. But you know, it is a blessing to be in that position. You know, I couldn’t have done it without my teammates. It speaks to the university. You know, it speaks to the football program. It speaks to you know, how prestigious it is to go to a place like Oregon and how, you know, one time you’re on one side, and then you you get to a school like Oregon, and then you know, all of a sudden how things can change and how your story can change. And so I’m just blessed.”

Part of the Deal

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Question: Were the billboards part of the pitch to bring you back for another year in Eugene?

Nix: “Well, you know, they sure can’t give you a Heisman. So that’s not necessarily a reason. You know, I came back to win a championship. And you know, I came back to play with my teammates one more time and you know, play at Oregon one more time. You know, have a season with you know, the fans and the history one more time. You know, all that can take care of itself. You know, I think on the field is where you gotta go out there and really make strides and really grow and as I said earlier, you gotta keep what’s the main thing the main thing or you just lose sight of it and then you won’t be as good as you can be.”

Freshman to Senior

Question: How different has this fall camp been for you compared to your freshman year at Auburn?

Nix: “I think you’re just anticipating the season and you know, like, how quickly it’s gonna be here and actually be here and be gone. Because once it starts to feel like it, you know, it’s on to the next week. It never, never quits. But you know, just the preparation or the early stages of preparation as you get into the last final week. Because fall camp goes by really quickly. You’re kind of in practice mode, so kind of get locked in with that. It’s like living the same day over and over. And then once you get to game week, as we’re approaching, things start to slow down. You should get started to target opponents and looking at other defenses besides yourself. You know, I’m tired to run running against the same defense every day. Those guys are good.”

Offensive Line

Question: With some shifts on the offensive line in camp, does that put more pressure on you to make checks and calls at the line?

Nix: “Yeah, but those guys, they prepare and they do a good job and you know, they’ve played some football as well. And, you know, you’re going to experience a lot of line turnovers during the season so you got to get ready for a lot of different things in fall camp. That’s probably what fall camp is for. We don’t anticipate that causing any trouble. We’re just gonna go right in and do what we’re supposed to do.”

Learning in Scrimmages

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Question: What have you been able to learn about your offense through the last two scrimmages?

Nix: “I think it shows how explosive we really can be. We got a bunch of playmakers, got a bunch of really good football plays. You know, we know Coach Stein is going to put us in good situations. We know our defense is going to put us in good situations, you know, momentum and, you know, field position and so I’m excited to see you know, how that shakes up during the season. Then once you get to a game, it’s just all about getting the ball into players hands and you know, from a position group, I think the quarterbacks have done really good. We’ve attacked every day. We’ve come to play we’ve, you know, really been sharp mentally. We’ve learned a lot we’ve grown a lot. And so I’m excited to be in a room like I am.”

Week 1 Success

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Question: How do you guys determine success in Week 1 going against a FCS school?

Nix: “I think if we you know, run to win, run the ball, have some explosive plays, win situational football. Don’t beat ourselves, don’t have any penalties. Don’t turn the ball over. We just do what we’re supposed to do. I think it’ll be a fun day. We’ll put ourselves in great positions, and just be in good shape and then go into week two, you know having some confidence and building on week one, but you know, we’re gonna take each week you know, as they’re a very important game and you know, we just want to win.”

Personal Growth

Question: Do you think you added anything to your tool belt this fall camp? Where do you think you improved the most?

Nix: “I really think I got a great command over situational, you know, processing and offense and I, whether it’s two minute, four minute, third down, you know, first and second down, in whatever situation, you know, I feel like I got a good grasp of it. And there’s a lot of things that I’ve seen based off experience has helped, you know, put me in that situation. You know, I’ve grown a lot just as far as I guess, checking and seeing things and getting into protections and getting into runs and, you know, doing some past things and, you know, I’d say that’s where I’ve grown the most I felt from last year to this year. I started the process last year, but I really kind of, you know, feel that control and I feel that awareness of what’s going on and, you know, I think that’s helped me as a player.”

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire