Bo Nix says experience is what separates him from the other QBs in the 2024 draft

As team after team was passing up on Brock Purdy, it wasn’t because no NFL team thought he couldn’t throw the ball with some mustard on it. Nearly every quarterback in every NFL draft can sling it.

But when it comes to those things you can’t measure, such as coming through in the clutch or leadership abilities, teams find that out later on. If you could measure those things, Purdy wouldn’t be the last pick of his draft and become Mr. Irrelavant.

Oregon quarterback Bo Nix will surely be drafted way before the very last pick, but the team that selects him will get a lot more than just his strong arm and good looks. At the 2024 NFL Combine, Nix described what intangibles allow him to stand apart from the rest of the QBs in the class.

“I go back to the processing; I go back to the preparation,” Nix told reporters at the NFL combine on Friday. “I think we all can go out there and spin it pretty good. We all can go out there and make throws. That’s the common thing I think we all share.

“But sometimes the uncommon thing is the intangibles that we may possess and I feel like when it comes to processing and preparation and passion for the game and your love for the game and intensity that you bring. I think I bring those at a really high level.”

Oregon quickly found out it’s the intangibles that make Nix special. For a new coach such as Dan Lanning was when Nix transferred, it made his job a lot easier knowing that his quarterback was an instant leader. Lanning received a quality signal caller on and off the field. But Nix able to make that throw in a tight window with the game on the line is always a bonus and ultimately, that’s what an NFL team is looking for.

“At the end of the day, I’m going to compete and put everything I got out there so I can win the game,” Nix said.

Story originally appeared on Ducks Wire