Bo Nix: Everybody has to compete, we've had no conversations about whether I'm the starter

Broncos rookie quarterback Bo Nix says he was given no information about whether he'll be the starting quarterback from Day One of his rookie year.

"I know everybody has to compete," Nix said. "I know everyone has to go to work. We haven't had any conversations thus far, just draft prep and obviously the recent draft pick [call]. Other than that, I just can't wait to get around the locker room, can't wait to get around the guys, meeting my new teammates, meeting new coaches and get to work."

The Broncos' other quarterbacks are Jarrett Stidham, Zach Wilson and Ben DiNucci. It would be a disappointment if Nix isn't able to win a starting job with that group, but it's possible that Broncos head coach Sean Payton will be patient with Nix and not want to throw him into the starting lineup at the start of the season. Nix says he loves Payton's offense.

"I think when you look at their offense, when you look at the scheme, [there are] a lot of really fun concepts that I've run in the past, a lot of fun things that I've been able to do and have success in," Nix said. "We were able to just talk over those and communicate those. I believe just talking football is one of the best things you can do in the process, and that's what we did a lot of."

It's the offense that Nix was drafted to run, even if he's not ready to do so right away.