BMW’s color-changing concept vehicle

At CES 2022 BMW showcased its iX Flow Concept with a unique grayscale electronic wrapping that transitions from white, to gray, to black. This chameleon-like wrap relies on “E Ink” technology to change colors. The same technology that the Amazon Kindle series uses on its displays. E Ink uses very little energy to transition from one color to the next which makes it ideal for this vehicle wrap. Although it’s a concept, the idea of expressing the driver’s mood is feasible in the not-so-distant future.

Transcript: A BMW SUV that changes colors. At CES 2022 BMW revealed the iX Flow Concept. The concept has an exterior that can change colors thanks to E Ink technology. BMW embedded the tech into a custom wrap that contours the concept car. The E Ink needs very little energy to change colors and transitions between white, gray, and black. It’s similar tech that’s found in e-books like the Amazon Kindle series. The electric wrap would provide drivers with the ability to express themselves. No word yet if BMW plans on putting a color-changing car into production.

Video Transcript