BMC shifts gears in endurance riding with the new Roadmachine 3.0

 BMC launches Roadmachine 3.0 endurance bike family.
BMC launches Roadmachine 3.0 endurance bike family.

In a world where cycling is not just a sport but a lifestyle, BMC, the Swiss bike maestros, has dropped a bombshell on the cycling community.

Twelve years since its inception, the legendary Granfondo paved the way, followed by the game-changing Roadmachine. Now, BMC proudly presents the Roadmachine 3.0, ready to rock and roll the endurance road bike scene like never before.

With tireless dedication and four years of relentless development, BMC is set to redefine the endurance biking experience.

Notable enhancements include increased tyre clearance, allowing for the use of road-smoothing 32mm tyres and gravel-ready 40mm tyres.

This versatility transforms the Roadmachine into a ride-anything bike, catering to the diverse terrain preferences of cyclists.

BMC has thrown in some nifty features to sweeten the deal. Need storage on the go? Check. Integrated rear light for those dusk rides? Check. Full-fender compatibility because who wants a muddy backside? Double check!

Stefan Christ, the brains behind BMC's R&D, sums it up best: "We're not just making bikes; we're crafting experiences." And with the Roadmachine 3.0, the experience promises to be nothing short of exhilarating.

The 2024 Roadmachine lineup comprises models catering to various rider preferences, from the premium Roadmachine 01 to the gravel-focused Roadmachine 01 X and Roadmachine X.

BMC has also expanded the family with TQ-powered Roadmachine 01 AMP and Roadmachine 01 AMP X models, offering e-assistance for those looking to go further and faster.

The new Roadmachine range is available at BMC from today, with prices ranging from 3,199 €/USD/CHF (Roadmachine FIVE) to 13.999 €/USD/CHF (Roadmachine 01 ONE).