Blue Jays host WDA Gymnastics, place second as a team Friday

Feb. 16—JAMESTOWN — Julia Skari was mobbed by her teammates after she nailed her uneven bars dismount on Friday.

"It was a magic bar day," JHS head gymnastics coach Bre Carlson said. "That was the best performance out of all eight competitors. It was great. Julia definitely stepped it up today on bars — that might be our highest bar score ever."

Skari's massive 9.600 performance on bars earned her the uneven bars runner-up title at the 2024 West Region Gymnastics Meet. The junior scored in the high 9s in all but one of her events to help lead the Blue Jays to a second-place finish at the regional meet.

As a team, the Jays scored a 143.475. Dickinson won the team title with a score of 149.900.

"We had a really solid week of practice — just cleaned up some little things," Carlson said. "A lot of it was just execution. The girls are starting to care a little bit more about their form and it's all starting to click together. We were pretty excited coming into tonight."

While the Jays were excited for Friday night — they were also a little unsure how the competition would unfold.

The Jays lost one of their top scorers, Jasmine Houmann, to an unfortunate knee injury earlier this week.

"They picked it up just fine," Carlson said of how her squad reacted to Houmann's absence.

Still — some events were better than others.

Carlson saw falls from all but three of her gymnasts on the balance beam which happened to be the Jays' first event of the evening.

"It was not our best beam day but luckily the girls just brushed it off and continued on to the other events and really picked up momentum," Carlson said.

Madelynn Nagel protected her reputation as a "solid beamer" for the Jays as she led the team with an 8.750 on the apparatus. Jozie Davis also scored in the 8s, finishing with an 8.125. Sutton Van Gilder was the last Blue Jay to stay on through her full routine scoring a 7.925.

After muscling their way through beam, the Jays transitioned to floor where they saw top-notch performances

from Allysah Larson and Skari.

"Allysah winning floor was really big," Carlson said. "That's super exciting. She's been working hard at perfecting her passes and cleaning it up."

Larson tied Dickinson's Aspen Roadarmel for the WDA floor title. Both gymnasts scored a 9.750 while Skari ended up third with a 9.725.

From floor, the Jays went on to vault where they scored a respectable 36.650 — despite taking some tumbles along the way.

"Jozie (Davis) landed a little short which was unfortunate because she normally scores pretty big for us but we had some other kids step up and we were able to be OK," Carlson said.

Skari recorded the Jays' best vault score with a 9.600 while Sutton Van Gilder notched a 9.250.

The Jays were sitting at 107.275 and while they had pretty much clinched the runner-up title — a big performance on bars was what the Jays needed to solidify themselves as the second-best team in the region.

Carlson's crew went on to score a 36.200 on uneven bars which was second only to Dickinson's 37.500.

"Lydia (Stoterau) stepped up on bars," Carlson said. "She put in a new skill this week and she got a 9 to tie her highest score which was great."

Sutton Van Gilder was 0.100 away from cracking into the 9s on bars but her 8.900 was still good enough to place ninth. Larson and Lucy Falk's scores of 8.700 tied them for 11th place.

Next up for the Blue Jays is the 2024 State Gymnastics Meet. The team portion of the contest is slated to be held in Dickinson Feb. 23 with the all-around contest to follow on Feb. 24. The Jays will be looking to improve upon their third-place team finish from last season.

"Ugh that's not enough time," Carlson said of there only being one week left in the season. "The season felt so long but it went so fast at the same time. I am excited to see what these kids can do at State. Second (place) would be great and these girls are totally capable of that."

Team results

1. Dickinson 149.900; 2. Jamestown 143.475; 3. Minot 141.575; 4. Century 137.700; 5. Mandan 132.300; 6. Legacy 131.975; 7, Bismarck High 77.850; 9. Northwest Stars 70.650.

Top finishers / Blue Jay results

Vault: 1. Elizabeth Karsky, DHS, 9.700; 2. Julia Skari 9.600; 5. Sutton Van Gilder 9.250; 10. Hayden Olson 8.950; 15. Allysah Larson 8.850; 22. Brooklyn Waldie 8.700; 23. Mia Kaiser 8.650; 24. Baynx Kirschenmann 8.600; 33. Jozie Davis 8.450.

Bars: 1. Brooklyn Wariner, DHS, 9.700; 2. Julia Skari 9.600; 8. Lydia Stoterau 9.000; 9. Sutton Van Gilder 8.900; 11. Allysah Larson 8.700; 11. Lucy Falk 8.700; 15. Aubrey Krapp 8.650; 23. Brooklyn Waldie 8.100; 27. Sara Everson 7.850;

Beam: 1. Elizabeth Karsky, DHS, 9.325; 12. Madelynn Nagel 8.750; 19. Julia Skari 8.150; 20. Jozie Davis 8.125; 21. Aubrey Krapp 8.050; 22. Allysah Larson 8.025; 25. Sutton Van Gilder 7.925; 27. Lucy Falk 7.850; 33. Lydia Stoterau 7.450.

Floor: 1. Allysah Larson, JHS, 9.750; 1. Aspen Roadarmel, DHS, 9.750; 3. Julia Skari 9.725; 15. Jozie Davis 9.050; 17. Sutton Van Gilder 9.025; 18. Brooklyn Waldie 9.025; 26. Sara Everson 8.625; 29. Aubrey Krapp 8.450; 40. Hayden Olson 7.950.

All-Around: 1. Aspen Roadarmel, DHS, 37.950; 3. Julia Skari 37.075; 8. Allysah Larson 35.325; 10. Sutton Van Gilder 35.100; 35. Brooklyn Waldie 25.825; 36. Jozie Davis 25.625; 37. Aubrey Krapp 25.150; 46. Hayden Olson 16.900; 47. Lucy Falk 16.550; 48. Sara Everson 16.475; 49. Lydia Stoterau 16.450; 56. Madelynn Nagel 8.750; 57. Mia Kaiser 8.650; 59. Baynx Kirschenmann 8.600.

WDA Senior Athlete of the Year — Rylee Olson, Dickinson

WDA Coach of the Year — Casey Berry, Dickinson