Blue Jays delete tweet bragging about roof after it backfires almost immediately

Poor weather has been baseball’s biggest enemy this season. Six games were cancelled Sunday due to rain, snow and ice. Those issues have led to plenty of people wondering why more baseball games don’t get played in domes early in the season.

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The Toronto Blue Jays heard those complaints, and decided to capitalize on them by sending out a snarky tweet bragging about Monday’s game being “played as expected” since the roof at Rogers Centre would protect the field from the weather.

Not long after that, a chunk of ice crashed through the roof of the stadium, eventually leading to Monday’s game being cancelled.

The Blue Jays quickly deleted the initial tweet, but at least one person made sure to take a screenshot while it was still up.

Yeah, that is pretty awkward. The Blue Jays were trying to copy the San Diego Padres, who tweeted out a similar message as all the postponements were happening Sunday. The Padres’ tweet did not come back to bite them.

In fairness, the Blue Jays probably should have felt safe with their message. You can’t expect a chunk of ice to fall through the roof of your stadium. It was just exceptionally poor luck that the team picked Monday to send that tweet.

The Blue Jays quickly got some workers to start repairing the roof, which led to a terrifying photo.

It looks like those workers will come through. The Blue Jays are slated to make up Monday’s game with a double-header against the Royals on Tuesday.

In the end, a major crisis was averted. No one was injured due to the falling ice, and the team acted swiftly to fix the issue.

The deleted tweet was the only painful part of this process. That’s a pretty good outcome, considering how things could have gone.

A large chunk of ice fell through the roof at Rogers Centre in Toronto. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
A large chunk of ice fell through the roof at Rogers Centre in Toronto. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

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