Blue Ivy made everyone feel poor after dropping $19K on...

You Win Internet

What Blue Ivy wants, blue ivy gets - and no price tag is going to stop her. The 6 year old daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z attended the wearable art gala which included a charity auction. Blue had her eye on an expensive painting of actor Sidney Poitier. So she big on the art - a whopping 17,000 dollars! The crowd LOVED that. Funny thing was though, that Tyler Perry swooped in and outbid her, and the war began. Blue did end up with the winning bid with 19 big ones. The internet’s reaction to his wild exchange was equal parts amusement and sadness - cause like, a 6 year old making it rain isn’t exactly an ego boost. Kai wrote, Lord release me from this poverty. And Erica said, Blue ivy bidding 19K on art and I’m out here surviving solely off free trials. And Cher wrote, whenever you’re feeling yourself a bit too much, and need to be humbled a bit, just know you’ll never have the juice like Blue Ivy. Truer words have never been spoken. Bye!

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