Blue Hawks cap inaugural home dual with 35-14 victory over Beavers

Jan. 11—DICKINSON — In a high-octane showdown at Dickinson State University, the women's wrestling's inaugural home event electrified home fans on Wednesday night as the Blue Hawks squared off against the formidable Minot State team. Right from the opening handshake, the youthful DSU team showcased their unwavering determination and unleashed a dominant 35-14 triumph to set the tone for the program at home.

Although the NCAA Division II Beavers engaged in a battle and secured three victories through forfeit, fall and decision, DSU's unwavering spirit eclipsed them all, as each take down ignited thunderous cheers from their sideline and passionate fans.

The Blue Hawks and their alma mater had eagerly awaited this historic moment, initially slated for Dec. 8 against the University of Jamestown. This much-anticipated milestone had to be delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

"We don't get a lot of opportunities at home, so we came out fired up and our girls got after it," Tyson Springer, DSU women's wrestling head coach, said. "They have done a good job all season long. We don't get down after a loss, we get right back up and we scrap and that is all we can ask them to do. To wrestle until the whistle and get after it and they did a great job."

DSU racked up points in both the 101 and 109 weight classes, with forfeits deciding the outcome in the first three categories. The action kicked into high gear when Mackenzie Shaw, wrestling in the 123 lbs. division, initiated the showdown against Arianne Korish. In a fierce encounter lasting just over a minute, Korish had to forfeit due to injury, granting Shaw's team five crucial points in the inaugural women's wrestling match held at Scott Gymnasium.

The Beavers wasted no time in their response, as Bella Hernandez executed a second-period pin over Mikayla Jardine in the 130 weight class. Jardine put up a valiant fight, managing to earn an equal number of points before ultimately being pinned.

In the 136 weight class, Lindsey Anderson seized the Blue Hawks' first fall of the evening by defeating Keela Kary. Anderson's tactical adjustments during the breakdown maneuvered her opponent into a pinning position, shifting the momentum firmly back in favor of the Blue Hawks.

In the 143 matchup, Mariah Wahl of Dickinson State came out strong, securing a 4-point near fall at the beginning of the first period. Unfortunately, a penalty hindered her progress, ultimately leading to an 8-2 defeat.

DSU notched another fall in the 170 weight class, as Kiley Hubby dominated Emily Hill. Hubby seized control right from the outset, amassing 8 points and executing the fall in under 3 minutes.

The night's closing bout provided a powerful finish for the Blue Hawks, as Rylee Kogolshak secured a commanding 19-4 technical fall victory against Madison Parson.

"We went into each match with no expectations. No matter if we won before or lost, it was a fresh start," Kogolshak said. "We really wanted to bring the energy of the whole gym and wanted to show ourselves, as a first-year program, how far we can actually go."

This historic victory signifies the second conquest over the Beavers for the burgeoning Dickinson State program, offering yet another confidence boost to what has already been an exceptionally successful inaugural season. With the remaining away events in the season on the horizon, there's no doubt that the Blue Hawks will continue to soar to greater heights.

RESULTS: 101: Taylor Harrington (DSU) over (MINOT) (For.) 109: Kaylee LaPier (DSU) over (MINOT) (For.) 116: Skye Shelmerdine (MINOT) over (DSU) (For.) 123: Makenzie Shaw (DSU) over Arianne Korish (MINOT) (Inj. 1:04) 130: Bella Hernandez (MINOT) over Mikayla Jardine (DSU) (Fall 6:10) 136: Lindsey Anderson (DSU) over Keela Kary (MINOT) (Fall 3:55) 143: Haleigh Lematta (MINOT) over Mariah Wahl (DSU) (Dec 8-2) 155: Kiley Hubby (DSU) over Emily Hill (MINOT) (Fall 2:56) 170: Kya Gilmore (DSU) over (MINOT) (For.) 191: Rylee Kogolshak (DSU) over Madison Parson (MINOT) (TF 19-4 5:13)