Blue Crew Predictions: Boise State vs Virginia

Stanley Brewster, Publisher

Here is our predictions for the weekly feature where at Blue-Turf we guess/use our knowledge to predict the outcome of the Boise State game. Let us know what you think of our predictions and if you have a better one let us know and use the hashtag of #BlueCrewPredictions.


Every week I go into this thinking I have a good expectation of what this year’s team is going to do, but each week after the game is played I feel like I have no idea. Okay lets try this again; Boise State is at home again and shouldn’t struggle against Virginia, but I think it’s going to be closer than we all think, unless you think it’s going to be close and then you’re spot on. Boise State will be looking to finally get the offense in rhythm for more than one series against the Cavaliers. Look for the Boise State offensive line to finally stop someone and the offense to move the ball a little more freely. If Rypien is starting the offense will look more efficient, if not another mediocre offense will show up.

Boise State 34 - Virginia 30 (with Rypien)

Boise State 27 - Virginia 24 (without Rypien)

Alright, I’m going to give two different predictions. Last week at New Mexico, there were open receivers running all over the field. Many people believe that Cozart is an upgrade over Rypien, but frankly I don’t see it. If Rypien played last week, BSU would have won 49-14. This defense is amazing, but you have to score points to win games. This team will go as far as Rypien and the offensive line takes them. Hopefully, this will be the game they start to put it together. The bye week comes at a great time, BSU has a crucial 3 game stretch after the bye. I hope the coaches use the Virginia game to give Mattison and Mahone more carries and some runs to the edges.

BSU 35-Virginia 17 (with Rypien)

BSU 20-Virginia 17 (without Rypien)

First of all let me predict that Boise State starting QB, Brett Rypien will play Friday ... even if he doesn't start he will play a significant portion of the game. I think this will be a statement game for Boise State. The season so far hasn't been bad ... just maybe not as good as many fans expected. Fear not hand wringing Boise state fans the offense shows this week. And as for the defense look for them to continue their impressive ways of atoning for last seasons inexplicable lack of turn overs.

Boise State 49 - Virginia 24

This is going to be a very interesting game Virginia is a lot better than when Boise State played them last. This will be a barn burner if the Offensive line can protect Rypien who I assume will be starting. I did see an interesting stat that Virginia hasn’t won a game out west since 1999. I expect the Defense to play great as well but give up a few big plays and for the offense to be more creative in how they get the playmakers the ball. The Broncos will have to find ways to get the run game going to give the defense some rest.

Boise State 38- Virginia 31

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