Blue Crew Predictions: Boise State vs BYU

Stanley Brewster, Publisher

Here is our predictions for the weekly feature where at Blue-Turf we guess/use our knowledge to predict the outcome of the Boise State game. Let us know what you think of our predictions and if you have a better one let us know and use the hashtag of #BlueCrewPredictions.


Brad: This game is quite possibly the hardest one to pick the season. It is a game of what if‘s; what if Mangum plays, what if Boise State’s offense shows up, what if the running game starts to get going, what if none of this happens and the same team that lost to Virginia shows up again? One thing I do see happening is that Brett Rypien will finally get things going and start to play like the quarterback he has the last two years. This game should be relatively out of hand by halftime, and I see Boise State coming away with a victory in Provo for the first time since 2003. Boise State 27 - BYU 17

Zach: These games are getting harder and harder to predict. So much rides on who is playing quarterback for BYU. Frankly, if I were BSU I would rather face Mangum than Hoge. However, it sounds like Detmer might be the guy. With that being said, I was extremely pleased with how Rypien played against Virginia. He was accurate and poised, receivers could not catch the ball and they failed to get the run game established again. Rypien is not the problem. I think Rypien comes out firing and the receivers play with a chip on their shoulder. Octavius Evans has a breakout game and it results in a BSU victory. BSU 35-BYU 21

Stan: This is a rivalry game. And like any other rivalry game you can throw out the records and what the two teams have done so far this season out the window. Both teams have faced some pretty stiff competition to start the season and while BYU has not fared as well as Boise but the Cougars are at home and that has proven to be an big factor in this series with the home team winning the last five games. The last games for both teams were probably the most troubling for both teams so far this season with both teams getting unexpectedly blown out, BYU 24 - 40 to Utah State and Boise State losing to Virginia 23 - 42. Bit like I said it’s a rivalry game and you can throw everything the two teams have done so far out the window. BYU is at home, advantage BYU. Boise State is coming off a bye, advantage BSU. BOISE state defense will be the deciding factor. Boise State 34 - BYU 28

Matt: This game could be a blow out if Detmer is the starting qb for BYU. Boise State has had an extra week to fine tune things and come up with a great game plan. I expect there to be a focus on the run game and getting a running back in a rhythm. I also expect to see the freshman wideouts to play more especially if Modster struggles catching the ball. Boise State 42- BYU 24

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