Blue Crew Predictions: Boise State vs New Mexico

Stanley Brewster, Publisher

Here is our predictions for the weekly feature where at Blue-Turf we guess/use our knowledge to predict the outcome of the Boise State game. Let us know what you think of our predictions and if you have a better one let us know and use the hashtag of #BlueCrewPredictions.



Following a very hard game in Pullman, which saw some heartbreak, excitement, and hope for the future I expect this game to get out of hand quickly. The young Boise State defense which coming into the season appeared to struggle has been the brightest spot on the team. Boise State will score early and often against the Lobos who just came off a loss to in-state rivals New Mexico State. The qb “controversy” will be in full force as I see both players getting things going and scoring on their drives at the helm. I see this game getting a little bit out of hand and Boise State coming out of this game with a win.

Boise State 45 - New Mexico 20


Boise State fans are used to heartbreak, but the game in Pullman was a whole new level. Cozart struggled in the 4th quarter and Rypien looked great in his limited. However, I can’t see the coaches rushing Rypien back from what looked like a concussion. I doubt he plays much, if at all. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ryp doesn’t play until the BYU game (or at least until Lewis is there to protect him). This game will show a lot about this team, will there be a hangover? Or will the team come out looking for blood? BSU has 10 winnable games left on their schedule and New Mexico will be at their mercy. Mattison will get his first 100 yard game and we will see the team target Octavius Evans and CT Thomas. I also predict that Drake Beasley will see his first playing time this year.

Boise State 59-New Mexico 14


The only real question for today's game against New Mexico is whether or nor Boise state QB, Brett Rypien will get any playing time after being knocked out of last Saturday's game against Washington State. But regardless of who is leading the Bronco offense look for them to score early and often.

Boise State 49 New Mexico 10


With the way the defense is playing so far it just needs the offense to click for this game to get out of hand quickly. I expect the Offensive Line which has got a lot of grief the first two games will face a far inferior team to help with creating cohesion. I fully expect them to dominate creating running lanes for the backs and protecting whoever lines up at quarterback. The defense will continue playing very sound and will create at least 2 turnovers in this one.

Boise State 52- New Mexico 17

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