‘It blows my mind’: Blake Corum already amazed by Matthew Stafford’s talent

Matthew Stafford doesn’t always get talked about as one of the four or five best quarterbacks in the league, but from a pure talent perspective, there aren’t many better than him in the NFL right now. Blake Corum has already gotten a taste of Stafford’s ability in a few short weeks of OTAs.

Corum was recently on the “Rich Eisen Show” and he was almost speechless when talking about how good Stafford is.

“I haven’t sat down with Stafford and picked his brain, but let me just tell you this: His ball placement, his IQ – phenomenal quarterback,” Corum said. “It’s crazy how he puts the ball where no one else can get it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. He’s great, man.”

Eisen asked Corum what specifically is so impressive about Stafford and he immediately mentioned his no-look passes.

“The way he can look this way but throw the ball this way, it blows my mind,” Corum said. “But that’s why he’s been in the league so long and been great at what he does for so long. It’s exciting being in the backfield with Matthew Stafford.”

Stafford has just about perfected the no-look pass, using it to his advantage often during a season. It’s not just a flashy way to get himself on a highlight reel. It’s actually a useful type of throw that helps him manipulate a defender into going one way before throwing it in the other direction.

Corum better get used to them because Stafford uses no-look passes on check downs and screens fairly frequently, keeping linebackers in the middle of the field before tossing it to his running back in the flat.

It’s hard not to be impressed by No. 9, even in Year 16 as an NFL quarterback.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire