From blowout to blown out: Clippers scorch the Celtics at home

The Boston Celtics had the mini road trip of a lifetime last week. They started it by Texas two-stepping their way to victory against both the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets before turning up the Heat against Miami on the road earlier this week.

So, what the heck happened when they returned home to TD Garden to face the Los Angeles Clippers in the first of a long stretch of seven home games ahead of them? How exactly did the Clippers make the Celtics look like mere mortals after having drubbed them so thoroughly in their own arena earlier this season?

The hosts of the CLNS Media “First to the Floor” podcast recently convened to talk over this latest anomaly to their win-loss record, and tried to suss out what the issue might have been — as well as how worried they are by another high-profile loss.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire