World record-holder Mike Powell looking to break another long jump record, compete for Olympic spot


Yes, it’s been a while. Twenty-four years ago Mike Powell beat Carl Lewis in the long jump for the first time in his career. But he wasn’t just out-leaping Carl at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo. Powell flew farther than any other jumper before him in history, landing the world record of 8.95 meters or 29 feet, 4.25 inches.

Fast forward to 2015. Powell, who still holds the world record from that very day in Tokyo, is hoping to break another record at age 51. Powell says he expects to break the ‘Masters’ mark of 6.84 meters this Saturday at the Athletics New Zealand Track & Field Championships.
To put it in perspective, it would be like Rob Lowe – also 51 this year – jumping over this 22.5 foot man-eating crocodile.

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But Powell thinks he has a pretty good chance to eclipse that mark (or reptile), after a body transformation that saw him lose 67 pounds over two years. Powell claims he is nearly back to his Olympic weight from 1996.

Plus, if Powell can qualify for the Olympic trials with this jump, he says he is ready to compete for a spot on the team.

Hear that, Carl? Maybe a Rio reunion is in order. It's been a while.

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