Viewers in three states missed parts of Super Bowl XLIX


There's never a good time for a television station to lose its signal. The absolute worst time would be during the most-viewed event in TV history. But that's exactly what happened to NBC affiliate WPSD in Paducah, Ky. on Sunday during Super Bowl XLIX. The station serves the 81st-largest market in the country and its viewership spreads across parts of Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois. But when a reported house fire in nearby Monkeys Eyebrow (yes, there's actually a place called Monkeys Eyebrow) caused a transmitter to shut down to prevent a power surge or spike, three separate service interruptions occurred during the second half of the nail-biter between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Viewers understandably were less than pleased.

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We're not sure what Wi-Fi is like in the area but hopefully that online link worked. The station investigated the multiple outages further Monday and in a press release, noted a local power company's role in the fiasco. The good news? The station won't carry the game for another three years.

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