In honor of Kentucky's undefeated season, apparel company sends new shirt into space

It doesn’t get much better for the Kentucky Wildcats.
The men’s basketball team just completed its first undefeated regular season in 61 years and is well on its way to being a top seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament.

So how are the fans celebrating? This die-hard is already predicting the first 40-0 season with his new license plate.

Hopefully, for Kentucky's sake, it won’t be a championship jinx like this tattoo may have been during last year’s tourney run.

But, really, how could it get better for Wildcat fans in 2015?
Shoot something into space, that’s how.
In a Youtube video released by apparel company Wildcat Wearhouse, a brand new 'Undefeated & Beyond" T-shirt makes an over-100,000 foot journey into space. The T-shirt and GoPro camera floated into the upper atmosphere attached to a device created by the company’s co-owner, who just happens to be a former Navy SEAL.
Check out the shirt’s entire voyage here:

The shirt’s journey spanned 279 miles from its original launch location in Louisville, eventually crashing into a tree after a two-and-a-half hour flight.
And even if the ‘Cats crash and burn in this week’s SEC tournament, word of their undefeated season certainly reached the great beyond.