Cubs NLCS ticket prices are soaring


The unfortunate side of Cubs mania sweeping through Chicago is that the average fan will not be able to afford tickets.

According to the website, the average secondary market ticket price for Games 3 and 4 (and potentially 5) at Wrigley is up to $1357.

The cheapest seats in the upper deck or the bleachers can be scored for just under $500, while high rollers will have to shell out at least $4750 for a dugout box or seats behind home plate.

If you bought a ticket to last year’s Super Bowl, these Cubs prices are a steal. The average price of a ticket sold to last year’s New England vs Seattle thriller was just over $4,000, according to the NFL Ticket Exchange Website.

For the sake of all Cubs fans that are crazy enough to pay those prices, let’s hope this is finally the year.

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