Athletes at the 2016 Summer Games Won't Have Air Conditioning

The economic impact of hosting the Olympics is a widely debated topic and the 2016 games are already feeling the heat.

Thanks to budget cuts, the 10,500 athletes that will descend upon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August will not have air conditioning in their residences. While it will be winter in South America during the games, last August saw temperatures climb as high as 95 degrees in Rio.

A spokesman for the Rio games noted that over $520 million needed to be cut from the budget, including a reduction in the number of employees for the games from 5,000 to 500.

Cities undertake a massive financial burden for the honor of hosting the Games. Greece reportedly lost close to $15 billion by hosting the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Brazil is currently fighting a deep recession and after spending billions on the 2014 World Cup, the majority of which was publicly funded, it doesn’t appear that the $10 billion being spent on Olympic infrastructure will end up putting the nation on the positive side of the ledger.