Zero gravity presents a unique challenge for Kate Upton

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Zero gravity presents a unique challenge for Kate Upton
Zero gravity presents a unique challenge for Kate Upton

Modeling may appear easy. After all, it's a model's job to make every moment look effortless. But on March 18th, supermodel Kate Upton was required to pose in an environment that's typically reserved for folks like astronauts — zero gravity. The unique photoshoot, reportedly 4 years in the making, was part of Sports Illustrated's 50th anniversary of the Swimsuit Edition. And, like the issue's highly acclaimed dueling covers, it didn't disappoint.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot released yesterday captured not only stunning beauty, but impressive science at work. To achieve the shots you see of Kate's curves in the space-like atmosphere, pilots of the Zero Gravity Corporation plane had to fly the modified 727 in precise parabolic arcs while thousands of feet above Earth's surface. These maneuvers only tend to simulate weightlessness for 30 seconds at a time however, which is why you see Upton suddenly reintroduced to gravity and dropping to the padded floor during various points in the video. To give photographers enough inspiration to work with, the plane reportedly had to make a series of 13 weightless parabolas and four parabolas imitating lunar gravity.

Wondering just how hard it is to successfully pose while you're spinning through space? After the flight, Upton told E News Now, "You have no control over your limbs and you're twirling and you don't know what's the ceiling and what's the floor."

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Like most viewers of this photoshoot's final product, MJ Day, editor of the Swimsuit Issue was equally floored by Kate's abilities. She said in a statement, "Kate surprised us all with how she handled modeling in weightlessness."

But if you're curious to see firsthand if your own faculties will hold up in these conditions, the ZERO-G experience can be yours for $4,950 plus tax.

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