Yadier Molina has snacks delivered in 1st inning to his brother who's catching at home plate

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If Wheaties are the official Breakfast of Champions then peanut butter-filled cheese crackers are now the official mid-game snack of the Molina brothers, José and Yadier. José, the Tampa Bay Rays catcher and older Molina, was in St. Louis to take on the Cardinals Wednesday night. His younger brother Yadi, who catches for the Cards but is currently on the DL, still found a way to welcome his sibling to Busch Stadium: by leaving two packs of crackers on home plate ... in the middle of the first inning.

After the Rays batted in the top of the first, Yadi sent Cardinals third base coach José Oquendo out of the dugout with snacks in hand. Oquendo jogged toward his post, but stopped first at home plate to leave behind two packs of peanut butter cheese crackers. The Rays catcher arrived at his position moments later, where the treats were waiting. The elder Molina exchanged smiles with his brother in the Cards dugout, then promptly stuffed them in his back pocket where they would remain the rest of the inning.

Imagine having a drink delivered to your brother in a bar. This is essentially what the gesture looked like, but in front of thousands of fans at Busch Stadium. You won't see better delivery than this at a ballpark.


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