Worst first pitch ever?

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Worst first pitch ever?
Worst first pitch ever?

Believe it or not, John Bledsoe works in the insurance business. But when the Florida resident tossed out the ceremonial first pitch prior to Tuesday's college baseball game between Florida State and Stetson, he probably didn't think he'd need coverage for what was about to transpire. There's a long list of "worst first pitches ever" -- but Bledsoe's may now top it.

In an email to sports blog site Busted Coverage, Bledsoe said he threw 20 practice pitches. The only catch? They came on flat grass. Once Bledsoe took the mound, it was a different story. "Having never thrown from a mound, by the time my left foot hit the ground I was staring at turf," explained the ashamed Executive Vice President at FHM Insurance. "I thought about holding onto it and figured that may be worse. Once I let it go I was embarrassed and just fell down more in shame and laughter. The throw was a legit (albeit pathetic) attempt. The tumble was just comedy at that point." Well played Mr. Bledsoe. Well played. He's now part of a pantheon that includes the likes of Carl Lewis, Mariah Carey and Gary Dell'Abate aka Baba Booey.

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