Video of Andrew Wiggins dunking in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

Angela Sun
Yahoo Sports Minute

In the age of social media, what happens in Vegas most certainly does not stay in Vegas. Fortunately, the video the NBA published on Instagram of Andrew Wiggins dunking before Sunday's Las Vegas Summer League game against the San Antonio Spurs is indeed safe for work. That's not to say it's suitable for everyone; those who aren't fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers may feel slightly uneasy watching how easily Wiggins elevates, wraps the ball around his back — while doing a 360 himself — and slams the ball in front of the crowd in Sin City. Who says exhibition games aren't exciting.

Fellow Cavs teammate LeBron James shared an Instragram gem of his own on Sunday while taking in the 2014 World Cup final among a star-studded crowd. With Germany-Argentina match still scoreless in the second half, a well-known YouTube prankster named Vitaly Zdorovetskiy started streaking onto the pitch at Maracana Stadium. While TV cameras made sure to cut away to more scenic shots of Rio de Janeiro, King James kept his camera trained on the spectacle unfolding at midfield. Upon publishing the amusing video, James would draw a fitting comparison to the infamous scene in "Old School."

What happens in Rio, it seems, doesn't stay in Rio either.

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