Tyson Chandler sends a message

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Tyson Chandler sends a message
Tyson Chandler sends a message

As time was winding down in the second quarter of Thursday night's playoff game between Indiana and New York, Pacer Lance Stephenson knew he had to do something to ignite his somewhat lethargic team. So after an offensive rebound kept the possession alive, Stephenson drove toward the basket looking for a game-changing dunk. What he got instead was a taste of the hardwood. The Knicks' Tyson Chandler was there to deny the dunk from happening, and to send a message that his team wasn’t going down without a fight. Stephenson stayed on the ground for a while, seemingly to nurse his bruised ego and to figure out what just happened. Chandler meanwhile was called for the foul but the message was sent loud and clear as the Knicks won 85-75 and cut Indiana's series lead to 3-2.

The Golden State Warriors weren't so lucky however, as they tried to even up their series with San Antonio. The Spurs' Tim Duncan and his 19 points proved to be too much as San Antonio beat the Warriors 94-82 and will face the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals.

Just a few days after a Yankee Stadium made out of matchsticks lit up the Internet, a very cool portrait of Yankee Derek Jeter has emerged. And the reason it's so cool - it's made completely out of Legos! That, along with other portraits of Major Leaguers, were done by a guy named Sean Kenny and are on display at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Other amazing Lego creations you'll find there include a Lego Wrigley Field and a Lego Miller Park. Legos rule!

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