Tyler Hansbrough backs off Metta World Peace

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Tyler Hansbrough backs off Metta World Peace
Tyler Hansbrough backs off Metta World Peace

If the only thing you had to go on was your opponent's supposed nickname, you'd probably rather take your chances with a guy whose name contains the phrase "World Peace" than the dude they call "Psycho T." The moment you discovered who these two pseudonyms belong to however — the brawler formerly known as Ron Artest and Tyler Hansbrough, respectively — you'd almost assuredly change your mind. Chances are Tyler "Psycho T" Hansbrough wouldn't take offense to the change of heart either — because he's right there with you.

When the Toronto Raptors squared off against the New York Knicks Monday night there was a moment when the 6-foot-9 Hansbrough drove to the hoop and was fouled from behind by a Knicks defender he couldn't yet see. The former Pacer untangled himself from the unseen assailant, huffing and puffing, looking like he was ready to blow someone's house down — until he realized the man charged with the foul was Metta World Peace. At that precise moment of recognition, fight turned into flight and Hansbrough immediately retracted his outburst. It was probably a wise decision to back down, but a comical one at that, as Hansbrough was even seen mouthing the words "my bad" in an attempt to make peace with Metta. Toronto would go on to win the preseason game in double OT 123-120.

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Hockey fans were treated to a thrilling finish as the San Jose Sharks went to an overtime shootout with the Detroit Red Wings. Sharks goalie Antti Niemi made one of the more acrobatic saves you'll see all year to rob Todd Bertuzzi in the final frame of the shootout to give San Jose the 1-0 victory.

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Finally, for the Minnesota Vikings, the Josh Freeman era got off to a resoundingly incomplete start. Freeman only managed to complete 38 percent of his pass attempts against the New York Giants Monday night — the worst percentage since Eli Manning's woeful 34 percent in 2007 for passers with more than 40 attempts. Speaking of Manning, Eli posted fewer turnovers in a week than his brother Peyton for the first time all season.

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