Tom Brady explains black eye

Tom Brady explains black eye

Disclaimer: Parts of this post may be NSFWOMWLTBC (Not Safe For Women Or Men Who Love Tom Brady's Cheekbones)...which we're told is a decent segment of the population.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has seemingly become as well known for his appearance as he is for his on-field abilities. His GQ-friendly face has graced the cover of magazines more often than his feet have trotted onto an NFL field for a postseason start. (And Brady is tied with Brett Favre for the most in NFL history, with 24.) To be clear, his looks don't affect his game — say what you want about those Uggs — but his game can certainly affect his looks. Which appears to be the case now.

In a press interview on Wednesday, Brady greeted the media with a black eye, prompting immediate speculation as to its cause. While hordes of wannabe Mrs. Bradys would like to pin the blame on his wife Giselle Bundchen, Brady told reporters that he must have sustained it at some point during Sunday's game against the Saints. It all sounded a bit vague, but then again, when you're putting together a comeback drive for the ages you probably don't notice these things.

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Grandparents tend to be quite fond of their grandchildren — but the appreciation Peter Edwards must now have for his grandson Harry is another story. In 2000, Edwards walked into a betting shop in the north of Wales and bet £50 (roughly $80 USD) that his then-18-month-old grandson Harry would one day play for the Wales national soccer team. The odds on such a proposition were 2,500-to-1. Wilson, who just became Wales' youngest-ever player when he took the field against Belgium in a FIFA World Cup qualifier, also made his proud grandpa £125,000 ($200,000 USD) richer. Oh, and he retired a year earlier than planned due to the windfall.

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Philadelphia 76ers power forward Royce White reached a huge goal of his own Wednesday, but it was miles away from any basketball court. The former Houston Rockets first-round pick who has suffered from a debilitating fear of flying (and thus limited his availability for distant road games) proudly tweeted this picture from the friendly skies today:

For White, who didn't play a minute last season with the Rockets because of this anxiety, it is a huge step. You are now free to move about the paint. For three seconds at a time, that is.

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