Quadruple amputee Jorge Dyksen is now starting for high school soccer team

Angela Sun
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Quadruple amputee Jorge Dyksen is now starting for high school soccer team

Once you get past the see-it-to-believe-it stage — and the legend of quadruple amputee Jorge Dyksen certainly has its share of unbelievable visuals — this is a story not unlike many others in sports. An athlete with a supreme will to succeed. Teammates and parents who have gone above and beyond. A high school junior who loves soccer too much to quit. These are just some of the things that have helped Dyksen overcome the amputations that claimed his limbs when he was just a year old in Panama to become a starting forward on his JV soccer team in New Jersey.

But as inspirational as Dyksen's journey has been, perhaps the most poignant takeaway in the piece produced by Incredible Features is just how normal his high school experience seems. Whereas many in his current position might be steeped in self-pity, Jorge is the consummate class clown, grinning at every turn and indulging the lighter side of things. As his coach Daniel Sanchez admits, Jorge is quick to with the "pulling my leg" quips.

An ordinary kid with an extraordinary outlook.

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