Prep star’s insane dunk

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There are some phrases you have to be careful throwing around in sports, like calling a young basketball star the next LeBron James for instance. But when someone is doing things that only remind you of a young LeBron, sometimes you just can't help yourself.

Prep star Andrew Wiggins has garnered the attention of every basketball powerhouse in the country as he tries to decide which college to attend. And after what he did at Monday's McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest in Chicago, he has the attention of pretty much everyone everywhere. Wiggins threw down a 360 degree, between-the-legs, one-handed slam that brought everyone in attendance to their feet. It's being reported that even guest judge Bo Jackson jumped out of his seat with excitement. So Wiggins should feel pretty good about that because, of course, Bo knows.

Mike Tyson got in on some April Fools fun by telling his Twitter followers that he was at the doctor to have his infamous face tattoo removed, even coining the hashtag #GoodByeMikeTysonTattoo. But it wasn't long after those Tweets he admitted that it was all a joke and that the tattoo is with him forever. Well yeah Mike, that's kind of the whole idea of a tattoo!

Michigan is headed to the Final Four for the first time since the early ‘90s so obviously a lot of comparisons are being made between the teams from then and now. But who knew they had the same musical taste as well? Video surfaced of some Wolverine players dancing to "The Humpty Dance" on the team bus following Sunday's win over Florida. And since Digital Underground released that song in 1990, one can only assume the Fab Five was getting down to that very same song way back when!

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