Opposing coaches realized they wore matching outfits to NCAA tourney

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Opposing coaches realized they wore matching outfits to NCAA tourney

Arriving at an event only to discover that someone else is wearing the exact same thing as you are can be really awkward. Especially when said event is being watched on television by millions and memorialized by countless photographers. But this "Who wore it best?" scenario was nowhere near a red carpet or on the pages of US Weekly. It occurred during the second round of the NCAA tournament when Ohio State Buckeyes coach Thad Matta met Dayton Flyers coach Archie Miller at mid-court before the game. What would typically be a moment for opposing coaches to exchange pleasantries — Miller was after all Matta's assistant for two years — quickly turned into an awkward fashion discussion as the men realized they were dressed so alike.

There's crying in baseball

A temper tantrum seen 'round the world could have been easily avoided had this foul ball being tossed to a young fan in the stands simply cleared the left field wall at the Sydney Cricket Ground the first time it was thrown.

Instead, the ball hit the wall and fell out of the kid's reach. A nearby security guard recovered the baseball but made the mistake of handing the souvenir to another fan, causing one of the more animated meltdowns you will see at a stadium on any continent.

Look mom, no hands

The Minnesota Twins mascot, T.C. Bear, put on a feeding display Tuesday night when a ball was tossed into the stands at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, Fla. Instead of using one of his paws to snag the souvenir, T.C. caught the ball with his mouth to the delight of the crowd.

Where do I go from here?

You don't see fans running onto the ice very often during hockey games. After all, scaling the boards can't be easy and there's no real exit strategy. But those drawbacks didn't stop one man at Air Canada Centre Wednesday, who managed to jump the boards during the Toronto Maple Leafs-Tampa Bay Lightning game and parade across the ice during a timeout.

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