Omri Casspi fails in posterization dunk attempt on Kelly Olynyk

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Omri Casspi … when it comes to posterization dunks, you're no Blake Griffin. The Houston Rockets small forward — known more for being the first Israeli player selected in the first round of the NBA draft than humbling opponents with high-flying jams — attempted a throwdown the Los Angeles Clippers star would have been proud of. One problem: he failed miserably.

With Houston up 32-31 in the second quarter against the Boston Celtics Monday night, Casspi looked to stun the TD Garden crowd with a one-handed slam reminiscent of one Griffin embarrassed Kris Humphries on last week. Humphries' teammate, Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk, was the intended victim. But after receiving the ball from Rockets reserve point guard Aaron Brooks at the top of the arc with nothing but open court in front of him, the solid reserve took off for the rim a little too soon. Instead of humiliating Olynyk, Casspi was the one that left the play with his tail between his legs a bit. The ball clanged wildly off the tin out of bounds and the 25-year-old had a bemused look on his face as he ran down the court on defense.

'We got another game tomorrow?'

At least Casspi didn't curse on live TV. That dubious distinction belonged to Carmelo Anthony. Following the New York Knicks' 98-96 overtime victory against the Phoenix Suns, 'Melo was reminded during a postgame interview his team plays the Charlotte Bobcats Tuesday, which prompted a somewhat unexpected reaction.

Titanic hire

Moving to NFL news, the Tennessee Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt as the franchise's next head coach. Many football observers expected him to fill the Detroit Lions' opening.

The rivalry continues

Finally in other football news, Cristiano Ronaldo beat out Lionel Messi for the Ballon d'Or. The award is given to the best soccer player in the world. Ronaldo first earned the honors in 2008 and the win snaps Messi's four-year hold on the title.

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