Nine dudes, a pool and a burning ring of fire could make your alley-oop go viral too

Angela Sun
Yahoo Sports Minute

The beauty of YouTube is that it captures people trying crazy things at home so that you can experience things without actually endangering yourself. You don't have to wonder what an alley-oop choreographed between nine guys, jumping off trampolines, through flames into a pool would look like -- brave souls ike the Jam Broz will show you.

In their timely viral video (we were experiencing some World Cup withdrawal, too) you can see what happens when thrillseekers with GoPro's take the concept of Lob City and transport it to a backyard pool replete with rings of fire. In this perfectly executed stunt the group makes eight consecutive passes while jumping into a small pool, connecting with Chris-Paul-to-Blake-Griffin-like precision, culminating their alley-oop with a headfirst dive through flames — all in the name of summertime fun and internet glory.

Miami-Wade County

Dwyane Wade re-signed with the Miami Heat Tuesday, a two-year deal worth a reported $31.125 million. After the deal was done Heat president Pat Riley issued a team statement saying, “Dwyane has been the franchise cornerstone for this team since the day he arrived 11 years ago.” The Miami Heat's Instagram page reiterated those sentiments, in not so many words.

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