Nick Punto battles own fans for foul ball

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Nick Punto battles own fans for foul ball
Nick Punto battles own fans for foul ball

For every Derek Jeter diving-into-the-stands catch, there's about ten more like the play in Baltimore a couple weeks ago that involved Mike Trout and a Mike Trout fan. The big difference between the two (other than The Captain's obvious reckless abandon and iconic grab): fans allowed the player to make a play in one instance and not the other. Nick Punto can relate.

In the second inning of Tuesday night's game between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers, Hunter Pence flung his bat at a Stephen Fife offering. The ball drifted into foul territory down the third-base line. L.A. third baseman Punto gave chase and dove into the stands (a la Jeter) - but had to contend with a trio of Dodger fans who were all going for the souvenir as well. Now, there's no rule against what the fans were doing. They paid good money for those seats and it WAS out of play. But you would hope hometown fans would let their own player make an amazing defensive effort without competition for the ball. As it turns out, Punto made the catch. And to his credit, the veteran big leaguer showed no ill will towards the people in the pricey seats either. The Dodgers eventually beat their rivals 6-5.

Moving to the college game, UCLA beat Mississippi State 8-0 to sweep the College World Series finals to capture the program's first national championship. It's the school's 109th overall title, an NCAA record.

And former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is listed as "OW" on the Jacksonville Jaguars website. That's short for "offensive weapon". Perhaps the Patriots can do the same for Tim Tebow (on the Jets' dime, no less).

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