NFL Player’s Classy Farewell to Old Team

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Greg Jennings played on the Green Bay Packers for seven seasons, so when he recently signed with division rival Minnesota, fans weren't too happy. But the wide receiver made a very nice gesture that might make them feel a little better.

The two time Pro Bowler took out a full page ad in both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Green Bay Press Citizen thanking the fans for his time in Green Bay. It was titled "A Bittersweet Farewell" in which he said things like "I want to take this time to thank each and every one of your for opening your arms and hearts to my family and me" and also "my family and I will be forever indebted to the Packers organization and fans for giving us the opportunity to be a part of an amazing culture." Talk about a class act!

While the Miami Heat were busy trying to extend the second-longest winning streak in NBA history on Wednesday, one Cleveland fan was busy trying to get Lebron James' attention. Midway through the fourth quarter a fan stormed the floor wearing a t-shirt that said "we miss you" on one side and "2014 come back" on the other side. A plea for James to return to Cleveland when he becomes a free agent again. While that probably won't sway his decision, Lebron did sway his team to victory with 25 points, extending the win streak to 24 games.

To say that Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is against the new rule change that prohibits offensive players from leading with their head, would be an understatement. After NFL owners approved the rule Wednesday, Forte took to Twitter saying "last time I checked football was a contact sport. Calling bank now to set up my lowering the boom fund." Sounds like lowering the boom will be an expensive thing to do next season!

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