NBA player’s embarrassing moment

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There have been some notoriously bad free throw shooters in the NBA recently. Players like Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard come to mind right off the bat. Now, there's another big man to add to the list.

Detroit Pistons rookie Andre Drummond stepped to the stripe in the fourth quarter of Sunday's game in Chicago and he not only missed his first attempt, he airballed it! And if you think that's bad, you're absolutely right! But he wasn't finished. After what appeared to be a pep talk from some of his teammates, he stepped up and airballed the second attempt as well!

The promising young center has actually been a bright spot in Detroit's otherwise disappointing season, averaging nearly eight points and eight boards per game. But Sunday's free-throw blunder was especially painful because Chicago pulled the game out by just one point, 95-94.

Drummond wasn't the only NBA rookie who had a bad weekend. The Cleveland Cavalier veterans pulled a prank on newbie Dion Waiters by filling his entire SUV with popcorn! It's not the most original prank we've seen, but definitely hilarious. Unless, of course, you're Dion Waiters or the person who has to clean it up.

And just in time for the start of baseball season, the New York Mets made their version of a "Harlem Shake" video. And while they're about two months too late in jumping on that bandwagon, it's still quite entertaining. The good news is, now that baseball is starting up they won't have as much free time to focus on goofy internet videos!

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