NBA floppers have nothing on this kid

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At what point has flopping in basketball gone too far? Is it when the NBA announces anti-flopping fines and players continue to flop at their own (paycheck's) expense? When LeBron James says things like, "I don't need to flop" but still embellishes with the best of them?  Or is the sign of impending doom when we see kids intentionally flopping in youth basketball leagues to gain an edge?

This YouTube video of a young hoopster flopping like a true pro is making the rounds on the internet for good reason: not only is it Emmy season — watch out, McConaughey, this kid can act — but it shows us just how much flopping has become ingrained in the sport. It might be time for a PSA.

Shelby Miller's "trust fall"

St. Louis pitcher Shelby Miller seems to have earned the respect of the Cards bullpen by putting his fate in their hands:

The best goal of the 2014 World Cup

Colombia's James Rodriguez, who won the Golden Boot at the 2014 World Cup for being the tournament's top goal scorer, has earned another scoring distinction. His breathtaking strike against Uruguay was just crowned the best goal of the World Cup.

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