Lorde’s first NBA experience was astounding. Especially her running commentary.

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Lorde’s first NBA experience was astounding. Especially her running commentary.

Grammy-winning artist Lorde is certainly no stranger to a sold-out stadium. But a live NBA game, that's a completely different story.

On Monday, the 17-year-old pop sensation from New Zealand spent the night off from her North American tour taking in the Bulls-Thunder game at the United Center and live-tweeting her surreal experience. Her bewildered 'play-by-play' commentary quickly captivated fans on Twitter, who followed her fascinating outsider's perspective throughout the game.

But just when the "Royals" singer seemed to be getting the hang of things, the in-game entertainment threw her for a loop:

Just like the halftime show:

Foreign as the game may have seemed to the Auckland native, it seems the universal language of love might have won her over:

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