Longhorns misspell 'Texas' in their 2014 football media guide

Longhorns misspell 'Texas' in their 2014 football media guide

You would think that anyone handling media relations for the University of Texas football team would have the spelling of "Texas" down pat. Not only does the squad share the name with the great state, it says "Texas" on the team's jerseys ... and probably every single piece of stationery within their athletic department in Austin.

Still, when the Longhorns published their annual media guide online Thursday, there was a glaring typo; the footer on each page of player bios read: "www.texsasports.com." With as many eyeballs as there are on the storied Big-12 program, the typo was quickly caught and fixed by the UT staff. But not before linguistic sticklers and Sooners fans seized the opportunity to capture screenshots and mock the error.

In the wake of the blunder, the domain www.texsasports.com seems to have been purchased by an opportunistic Oklahoma fan to broadcast a fitting message on the Red River rivalry.

Falcao at the batting cages

Colombian striker Radamel Falcao missed the 2014 World Cup with a knee injury, but seems to be healing nicely. During some downtime in Miami with his club team AS Monaco, Falcao hit the batting cages with some friends and nearly claimed the head of the pitcher throwing to him.

Wait, four balls does not equal a walk?

Facing a 3-2 count against Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb, St. Louis Cardinals batter Jon Jay took what was clearly a fourth ball on the next pitch. Problem was, neither Jay, nor the umpire, nor the broadcasters seemed to think the pitch counted for anything as Jay didn't take his base. Instead, everyone just kept playing as if the pitch hadn't happened. Jay fouled off the subsequent pitch, before striking out one pitch later.


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