Long snapper’s trick shot is truly unique

Blair Johnson
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Long snapper’s trick shot is truly unique
Long snapper’s trick shot is truly unique

We've seen trick shots involving basketballs, footballs and even frisbees with baseball bats! But Southern Miss long snapper Lance Schuffert's entry into the glut of unconventional videos is truly unique.

The redshirt sophomore from Prattville, Ala. was featured in a YouTube clip of him on the upper deck of the Golden Eagles' M.M. Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg, Miss. (aka "The Rock" as Schuffert points out in the video) with a simple message: Specialists are people too. The former high school center than proceeds to snap the ball from high above into a trash can placed in the corner of the end zone on the field. The camera then goes back to our hero, who simply states, "Peep me." Impressive work, Mr. Schuffert.

Moving to pro ATV racing (yes, there is such a thing), Thomas Brown had a spectacular crash during Loretta Lynn's ATV National event in Tennessee over the weekend. Brown's quad went nose first into the ground, flipped over frontwards and landed on its tires. Brown stayed on the whole time, uninjured and continued on.

Finally, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said he'll be "mad" if Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel isn't suspended by the NCAA for his alleged involvement in being paid for autographs. The former Oklahoma State wideout missed the final 10 games of his college career after lying to investigators about a lunch with former NFL star Deion Sanders that didn't violate any NCAA rules.

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