LeBron James reaches amazing milestone

Angela Sun
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LeBron James reaches amazing milestone

Chances are, with 2:31 left in the first quarter of the Miami Heat's matchup against the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night, someone in the world was having the 'age old' debate about where LeBron James stacks up amongst the greatest players of all time. It would have been a fitting time to be engaged in such a discussion too, not simply because LeBron's putback dunk at that exact moment reminded anyone watching how ridiculously athletic he is, but because the field goal put him in double-digit scoring — for the 500th consecutive game.

It is not only the longest active streak in the NBA, but LeBron becomes only the fifth player in NBA history to achieve the milestone. The other four men to ever do so: Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone and Moses Malone. Pretty good company.

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Officials blow easy call

While it may occasionally delay the pace of a football game, Instant Replay technology certainly helps officials see helpful angles that they might have otherwise missed after a crucial call. On Tuesday night, after Ohio Bobcat quaterback Tyler Tettleton threw the ball away on his own 3-yard line against the Buffalo Bulls he was flagged for intentional grounding (clearly the right call) but it was also deemed a safety (clearly the wrong call as Tettleton hadn't grounded it from his endzone). Now, one would think that the official review would result in Tettleton's vindication. The throw from the 3-yard line, after all, was plain as day. But because the spot of the ball is not reviewable, the safety stood. Buffalo would go on to win 30-3.

Jay Z's watch worries

Jay Z's entree into the world of sports agenting via the Roc Nation Sports banner has been accompanied by some fairly flashy headlines. Signing New York Yankee Robinson Cano then asking for $310 million on his behalf was certainly one of them. But the latest revelation about the $33,900 Hublot watch that the rap mogul gave the second baseman for his 31st birthday seems to be fetching even more attention from the MLB since it's against regulations for agents to give clients anything of value that might be construed as incentives to induce representation.

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