Kid unimpressed with catching foul ball

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Kid unimpressed with catching foul ball
Kid unimpressed with catching foul ball

There's nothing better for a kid than going to a baseball game and having seats where you might be able to catch a foul ball. You watch every swing intently hoping for a ball to shoot off the end of the bat and into your section, where you're ready to battle anyone around you for that free souvenir. But that kind of excitement was no where to be found at Thursday's game in Miami where the Marlins were taking on the New York Mets. In the fifth inning, Miami's Jake Marisnick fouled one into the stands and it landed right in the lap of a young boy. But he barely even cracked a smile! He thought about throwing it back, then the kid next to him tried to take it which got no reaction. Then he tried to hand it off to the nearest adult. Maybe he didn't quite understand the situation, or just isn't into free souvenirs. Or perhaps he was teaching us all a lesson in how to be very nonchalant about doing something cool. Either way, the Marlins beat the Mets 3-0.

The Washington Wizards' John Wall posted a video of himself throwing an alley-oop... to himself. It's obviously fake but it's fun to think about what would happen if someone could actually do that. The only problem is, if someone threw an alley-oop to themselves without the ball hitting the backboard, it would be considered traveling. Sorry, rules are rules.

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