Kevin Ware to collect on wager with Kobe Bryant

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Kevin Ware to collect on wager with Kobe Bryant
Kevin Ware to collect on wager with Kobe Bryant

Last spring both Kobe Bryant and Kevin Ware suffered debilitating injuries — within two weeks of one another. Ware was the first to go down on March 30 with the gruesome fracture against Duke that appeared to be career-ending at the time. Bryant's injury on April 12 seemed less serious when it first happened, but a ruptured Achilles quickly prompted speculation that it might mean the end of his career. Of course, both men are playing basketball this season — both ahead of schedule. Surely their impressive rehabilitation owes much to effective treatment and sheer will, but a friendly bet between the two might have added some extra incentive.

During a Sunday Conversation interview, the Louisville junior revealed that the Lakers star reached out to him in the wake of their two injuries with a competitive proposition: whoever recovered faster would be deemed the winner. The loser, as if there's a loser in this duo of greats, would have to come to the other's game. Since Ware returned to action during an exhibition game against Pikeville, it looks like Kobe's going to have to book some travel.

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Five legends inducted:

The Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed its 2013 inductees on Monday night in Toronto. Among the recipients of hockey's finest honor were Scott Niedermayer, Chris Chelios, Brendan Shanahan, the late Fred Shero and Geraldine Heaney. Heaney became just the third female to be lauded with such a distinction.

Miami meltdown:

The Miami Dolphins aren't having a good week. On the heels of the Incognito fallout, the Fins traveled to face their in-state rival — the previously winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It became fairly evident in the early goings on Monday night that Miami wasn't 'ready for some football,' as the Bucs jumped out to a 15-0 lead. The Dolphins surged back to score 19 unanswered points, but Tampa Bay countered with a touchdown in the fourth quarter that would prove to be the game-winner. A Darrelle Revis interception dashed Miami's last-minute hopes and the Buccaneers won their first game of the season 22-19.

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