Kayakers in Argentina filmed breathtaking encounter with whale

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Although many Argentinians are still feeling the sting of their team's World Cup loss to Germany, two local kayakers documented a thrilling experience off the coast of Puerto Madryn that's bound to lift anyone's spirits. Their video, posted to YouTube and quickly savored by Reddit, shows how a leisurely paddle off the shores of the Argentine Patagonia can turn into a breathtaking trek on the high seas — courtesy of two whales.

Spotting two whales in the distance, the kayaking duo (a girl paddling while a guy behind her mans the camera) paddles slowly toward the massive mammals. When they get close enough to touch the whales, they drift for a moment before one of the whales swims underneath and lifts the kayak into midair. After a few thrilling but no doubt apprehensive moments, the whale descends below sea level to allow the pair to return to their paddling.

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The Boston Red Sox arrived in Toronto for a four-game swing that began on Monday and not everyone was on the edge of their seats once the Sox had a 14-1 lead in the first game of the series:

The Queen's horse tests positive for morphine

In a story that does not seem to have any sinister motives but still has a country riveted, Estimate, the prized racehorse belonging to Queen Elizabeth II, tested positive for morphine on July 17. A statement released by the Queen's racing advisor John Warren may have put any potential scandal to rest. Warren noted that, "Initial indications are that the positive test resulted from the consumption of a contaminated feed product."

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